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Katie Marie Bridal

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Katie Marie Bridal a Luxury Service?

I will travel to you the morning of your wedding and be providing services using luxury brand cosmetics. I have been formally trained in both Makeup Artistry and Hairstyling and provide a completely sanitary service. Above all else, I want you to indulge in your celebrity glamour experience. I bring along professional lighting with a mirror as well as all the tools required to perform the beauty services. False lashes and hair extension application is available at no additional cost. Lastly, I provide a Konvenience Kaddy with Toiletries, Hygiene Products, Phone Chargers and more. If you get a run in your stockings, or “Aunt Flow” makes an unexpected visit you can rest assured knowing any minor hiccups that may occur will be diffused with grace.

I don't wear makeup on a daily basis, why should I wear it on my wedding day?

My goal is not to change the way you look, but to give you a polished appearance. I specialize in a natural timeless makeup look that will be catered to your comfort. All eyes and camera lenses are on you, and you want to be camera ready! The photos taken on your wedding day will be photos you will cherish for years to come and with my services you will be looking your absolute best.

I already know exactly what I want, do I still require a preview appointment?

The preview appointment has many benefits. When you decide the look that you want, an updo style for example, and you provide me with pictures I then have to asses your hair texture and density as well as your facial features to recreate the style in a way that will flatter you.

Often times magazines use hair accessories and extensions to get length, volume and grandeur. They also photoshop to retouch the images for perfect, and poreless skin. It is very important to me to see your skin and hair's condition to ensure that i can create your dream style. If we get together before the big day, it allows me to share your vision and know exactly what you mean when you describe your desired look as "natural" or "smokey".

Lastly, the preview appointment allows me to see which cosmetics you will be wearing so I can prepare a touch up kit that is tailored to your look exactly. I want just hair and make-up for myself, but your smallest package is for 4 services.

Do you provide services for smaller bookings?

Bookings of less than 4 services are available on select dates. Travel for bookings of less then 4 services may not be available. For a custom inquiry please contact me.

What should I bring to the preview appointment?

If you come to the preview appointment with a general idea of what you would like, this is not ideal. If you come to the preview appointment with photo references of makeup you love and hairstyles that catch your eye, that is fantastic. If you see something that you can't stand, bring that too! Having references with you allows me to share your vision.

Often clients mistake "natural" for "neutral" and I want to guarantee that we are on the same page before we begin the services. Please note that if you choose to not bring photos to the appointment and you are particular about the style you desire, you may leave disappointed if you can not clearly describe what it is that you are looking for. The preview appointment is a set time and bringing photo references allows us to spend more time achieving your style then discussing it.

Please come with clean dry hair that is one­day worn with no makeup. You may stick to your normal skin care routine. It is a good idea to wear a light coloured top (same colour as your dress if possible) that has a similar neckline to your wedding ensemble as it will give a truer preview of the wedding look. If you are adorning yourself with any hair accessories or a veil, it would be great to bring it along. If you can't for whatever reason, that is not a problem. I have experience with all styles of hair accessories and can use a stand­in piece from my collection for the preview.

Preview appointments are always recommended to take place at my studio, however travelling can be arranged and a travel fee will be applied.

I have a second outfit for the reception, am I able to change my hair and makeup looks to complement my ensemble?

You sure can! If you wish to do do this on a la carte basis, a "second service" fee along with an additional travel fee if applicable will be charged. If you have chosen my Bouquet Day Services then these changes are included at no additional cost.

What brands do you use?

I am not loyal to one brand. For me to fully customize a makeup look for every client I have, I need varying products that work with all skin types and tones. I only work with professional grade cosmetics that are tried, tested and true as well as being water-resistant. My makeup kit includes brands like Make Up For Ever, Face Atelier, Armani and Bobbi Brown. My hair kit includes brands like Oribe, Living Proof, Redken and Kevin Murphy.

I am overwhelmed with all the details, the veil, the shoes, the hair the makeup - choosing the dress was hard enough. Can you help me?

Im here for you babe! I offer Bridal Image Consultations to help sort out the finishing touches and complete your look for your most special day.

I am environmentally conscious and am having a green wedding. Are your services green?

I offer a Green Bridal Package unlike any other. I use no disposables, therefore, there is no waste, and I can do your hair without using any power. I use cruelty free, environmentally conscious products.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash and email money transfer. Please note that email money transfers must be sent 24 hours before appointment and completed before services commence.

How do I reserve my wedding date?

A deposit and signed agreement is required to secure appointment. Once you know the number of services you require I can draw up an agreement and email it to you for approval. Once the agreement is signed by both parties and the deposit is acquired the appointment is considered booked. Please note that deposits are used towards to day-of services and are non-refundable.